Library Learning

Jordan makes a beeline for books about Curious George, Franklin, and Froggy when we visit the library. Last time we were there, he picked out, “Froggy Goes to the Library,” by Jonathan London. Jordan always laughs at Froggy’s silly antics!

In this book,  Froggy randomly starts singing and dancing during storytime. Jordan loves singing and dancing, so he finds this hilarious.


At the end, Froggy needs a wheelbarrow to get his books home because he picks too many. I can relate to this, as Jordan often has about 75 items out at a time! I try to limit his selections, but he can’t resist all the books and movies (especially Scooby Doo) at his fingertips!

Developing Child Principle 3 states, “Children learn important skills when they’re active participants in the learning process.” Visiting the library gives Jordan the opportunity to practice communication skills as he asks the librarians for help.

Reading aloud to him develops important comprehension skills and increases his vocabulary. He also learns social-emotional and problem-solving skills as he sees characters overcome conflict.

Lastly, he loves cuddling up and reading with me before bedtime. Spending quality time together helps maintain our positive relationship. What could be better than that?