Principle #9: Healthy Lifestyle

Principle #9: Children benefit from maintaining a healthy lifestyle and developing healthy relationships.

Exercise, healthy eating, and spending time outdoors all contribute to a child’s well-being.

Over the years, my children have participated in a wide variety of physical activities, including martial arts, swimming, volleyball, hiking, and geocaching. Physical activity boosts mood, builds strength, and improves emotional well-being.

Social and emotional learning teaches children rock-wall-smallto manage their emotions, act responsibly, and develop positive relationships.

I integrate social and emotional learning into our daily lives as my children learn to manage their activities and relationships.

Developing positive relationships with peers and adults teaches children important skills, such as communication, collaboration, and empathy.

My children have developed positive relationships by participating in a variety of classes. Teachers and coaches have helped them develop self-confidence. When issues have arisen, they’ve developed communication skills as they’ve learned to work out their problems. They’ve developed empathy as they’ve learned to see situations from other people’s perspectives.

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