Principle #6: Role Models

Principle #6: Children benefit from positive role models who exemplify curiosity, creativity, and servant-leadership.

Children benefit from being around adults who follow their passions, act as entrepreneurs, and demonstrate servant-leadership.

Children learn to be leaders when they’re surrounded by supportive adults who exemplify servant-leadership. My husband is very involved in the Boy Scout program. He teaches the boys to be servant-leaders, and he provides opportunities to put these principles into action. For instance, when they go on camp-outs, the boys have specific assignments and responsibilities. The boys learn the importance of teamwork and leadership as they work together.

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When my oldest son was 13, he raised thousands of dollars, so he could build a fence for a school garden for his Eagle Scout project. He planned and directed the project with support from his dad. This was a perfect opportunity to put the principle of servant-leadership into action on a large scale. My son benefited from my husband’s example and support.

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