Principle #5: The Arts

Jordan as a pirate in the musical, “Peter Pan.”

Principle #5: Children benefit from participation in the arts.

Children develop confidence and important skills, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity through participation in the arts, such as music, drama, drawing, and painting. 

My children enjoy playing a variety of instruments, including the piano, cello, and violin. Learning to play an instrument teaches problem-solving, persistence, and creativity. Performing builds poise and confidence.

My son, Jordan, enjoys drama. He has participated in many plays and musicals. His most recent performance was the musical, “Peter Pan.” He enjoyed singing and dancing as a pirate. Participating in musicals builds important skills, such as collaboration and communication.

My children also enjoy drawing and painting. They learn research skills as they look for YouTube videos and books to improve their artwork. They learn critical-thinking skills as they apply what they have learned. They learn creativity as they try new things and find their own unique style.

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