Principle #1: Time, Space, & Resources

The Developing Child Learning Model provides guiding principles to help you create a successful homeschool.

Principle #1: Children need time, space, and resources. 

Children need time to explore their interests.

For instance, my daughters love art. They enjoy drawing, painting, and exploring other mediums. They have plenty of free time to work on their art.

Children need time to become immersed in topics of study. 

Children become immersed when they participate in activities that require deep thinking, such as doing their own research and projects. My 13-year-old immerses herself in art by sharing her work on Instagram, following other artists, and participating in contests hosted by fellow artists.

Children need a safe space to make mistakes and to experience success. 

I love when my daughters look back at their artwork and see the progress they’ve made. Mistakes are stepping stones on the way to mastery. The same is true for academic subjects.

Children benefit from quality resources that build creativity, problem solving, and research skills.

I buy quality art supplies, such as Prismacolor colored pencils, Staedtler drawing pencils, Pentel oil pastels, Sargent chalk pastels, Copic markers, and Canson media pads. Quality resources provide students with the best opportunities for success.


Providing quality resources may also include finding instructors or classes. My daughters have participated in art classes and have found instructors on YouTube. They currently have an art teacher who comes to our home once a week.

My 10-year-old recently completed the above painting. She based it on one of her favorite picture books, “Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy,” by Lisa McCue. Her success was the result of having the time, space, and resources to thoroughly explore her interest in art.

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