Franklin Goes to the Hospital

Jordan loves children’s books! He loves going to the library and picking out books with fun illustrations and interesting characters. He probably has 75 books in his bedroom, all checked out from our local library. I’m going to start sharing his favorite books as part of a new series, Jordan’s Book Nook.


I’ve read, “Franklin Goes to the Hospital,” by Paulette Bourgeois over 10 times as a bedtime story over the past few weeks. He loves this book partly because I’m squeamish about hospitals, so he thinks it’s funny to make me read this!

He keeps sneaking it in his bed at night. After we finish reading a few books, he slyly pulls it out from under his pillow. When I try to dramatically drop it on the floor, he grins and wags his finger at me.

When I give in and read it again, he insists that I change some of the words. He makes me substitute his own name for Franklin’s. Instead of saying the word, “mom,” I have to substitute the name of his favorite paraprofessional, Miss Jill. Dr. Bear becomes his favorite teacher, Mr. Martinez.

This book does a great job explaining Franklin’s hospital visit, so it’s a great book for kids who are nervous about receiving medical care. It also highlights the challenge of doing something we don’t want to do.

My favorite quote is, “Just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean you aren’t brave. Being brave means doing what you have to do, no matter how scared you feel.”